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A tall, slender body strolling down the highway, her ivory skin and blue eyes make you flip your head, her very long silken tresses transfix your eyes and the luscious lips enthrall you. Is she the child of Venus.

Very well, likely by our existing requirements of sizing beauty and narrowed eyesight of defining it, she is absolutely the Aphrodite. We’ve got minimal our concept of beauty to simply that what meets the eye. But beauty is not skin deep. It really is more about satisfying somebody’s heart than appealing to mere eyes. The popularity of cosmetic surgical procedures like abdominoplasty (tummy tucking), blepharoplasty (reshaping the eyelids and application of everlasting eye liner), rhinoplasty (nose correction), butox injections to hide wrinkles, and so forth and the mushrooming beauty facilities, poses a severe issue prior to us. Has our body taken centre phase in our lives? We are treading towards a potentially perilous zone of self vanity. Data display that 11.4 million beauty processes ended up carried out in US alone in 2004. Seeing the common put nature of these surgeries in the west, the trend is catching up while in the east. Bevy of young women is lined throughout to undergo these surgical procedures to obtain that best pout of lips, the curvaceous waistline and all those Naomi Campbell legs. The “beauty products” business has never ever had it so very good. The infinite lotions that alter the color and texture of your respective skin, the treatments that change your difficult curls into smooth mane or give your straight hair those bouncy curls, certainly not had a more burgeoning marketplace. This is not a campaign against the cosmetic industry neither is it incorrect to search appealing by applying shade into the lips or accentuating the eyes with kohl.

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